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Felt Broam - Long term staff review

Felt Broam  - Long term staff review

A long term review of the Felt Broam 40 Gravel / Adventure bike


My Thoughts on the Felt Broam 40 Bicycle


I have been riding the Felt Broam 40 bicycle for over a year, here are some of my thoughts on the bike: 

I use it regularly to commute to work from the South Surrey/ Whiterock border to Newton,  and I must say it is a joy to ride on my daily commutes. The comfortable riding position makes for a very forgiving ride on gravel or poorly paved roads, which is perfect for off-road adventures


Adjustability and Customization


The bike has proven to be a versatile machine, I’ve used it for everything from road rides out to abbotsford to 100km gravel rides. I made a few changes to the bike to make it fit me better: I switched out the saddle for my preferred option, the WTB Silverado, which I use on all my bikes, and swapped the stem for one 10mm shorter as I’m between sizes. Aside from that I have felt no need to upgrade anything on this bike. 

The stem/ steerer provides a lot of adjustability for the handlebar height. I personally have settled on the lower end of the adjustment range as I find the ride to be more sporty, but many customers prefer the higher positions. This versatility is one of the nicest features of this bike, it can be set up as a sporty gravel/all road bike or a modern touring bike style machine with an upright riding position that is easier on the body.

The gearing range is great with the 2x10 GRX set up, the lowest gear is extremely low and I think most people will only be using it when loaded with camping gear.  The brakes also provide excellent performance for the price. 


Mounts for Accessories and Racks


One of the reasons I chose this bike is my hope to do some bikepacking and camping trips in the future, which is why all the mounts for accessories and racks are a great feature in my opinion (something that other gravel bikes lack).

Mounting options for this bike are: Rear pannier rack, front and rear fenders, lowrider front rack or fork mounted cages. Up to 4 bottle cages on the frame plus top tube bolts for top tube back. You name it, it can be mounted to this bike!


Overall Recommendation


Overall, I highly recommend the Felt broam 40 to anyone in the market for something like I have described: whether you are looking for a daily commuter bike , a weekend adventurer, modern touring bike or even a bikepacking companion, this bike will not disappoint. With its comfortable riding position, versatile mounts, good performance for the price, and adjustability features, the Felt broam 40 is tough to beat in this category.



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