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Shopping Guide: E-bike friendly bike racks

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Shopping Guide: E-bike friendly bike racks

Learn more about transporting your e-bike using a bike rack, and read our reccomendations for the best e-bike racks.

As electric bikes continue to gain popularity as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, it's essential for riders to have proper bike racks that can accommodate their unique needs. E-bikes are typically heavier and bulkier than traditional bicycles due to their battery and motor components. To ensure safe and secure transportation, investing in an e-bike friendly bike rack is crucial. In this shopping guide, we will explore the key considerations and provide recommendations for the best e-bike friendly bike racks on the market.

Understanding the Importance of E-Bike Friendly Bike Racks:

E-bikes are not only heavier, but they also have a distinct center of gravity compared to regular bikes. This requires bike racks that are designed to handle the extra weight and offer appropriate support. Choosing an e-bike friendly bike rack will help prevent damage to your e-bike and ensure a hassle-free transportation experience.


Considerations when Choosing E-Bike Friendly Bike Racks:


  •  Weight Capacity: Look for bike racks with a higher weight capacity to accommodate the additional weight of e-bikes. Ensure that the rack can handle the weight of your specific e-bike model.


  • Frame Compatibility: E-bikes often have bulkier frames, so it's important to choose a bike rack that can accommodate various frame shapes and sizes. If your Ebike is fitted with fenders, you should look for a rack that clamps the frame, not the fender.


  •  Stability and Security: Look for racks that offer secure attachment points and sturdy construction to prevent wobbling or shifting during transportation.


  • Easy Loading and Unloading: E-bikes can be heavier and more challenging to handle, especially after a day spent cycling! Racks with a ramp can make this much easier.


Our top E-Bike friendly bike rack recommendations for vehicles equipped with a hitch receiver:



Thule EasyFold XT: This class leading bike rack offers a high weight capacity that will allow for two e-bikes including those equipped with fenders, the clever folding design and wheels on the base make it the easiest of our racks to remove and install on your vehicle, and it features a ramp for convenient loading and unloading of e-bikes.



Kuat NV 2.0: Known for its robust construction and versatility, this platform-style bike rack can handle heavy e-bikes and provides excellent stability during transportation.

It does not work well with fenders, but is excellent for electric mountain bikes. Featuring a built in repair stand to make maintenance a breeze (Also available without this feature, see the NV Base linked below)

# 3 

Thule T2 Pro XTR: This hitch-mounted rack boasts a strong and secure platform design with easy loading and unloading. Very similar to the Kuat, but with the option to be keyed alike with other Thule products (Great if you have a Thule roof box for example)


When it comes to transporting your e-bike, investing in an e-bike friendly bike rack is important. By considering weight capacity, frame compatibility, stability, and ease of use, you can select a bike rack that meets your specific requirements. The recommended bike racks in this shopping guide are excellent options for safely and securely transporting your e-bike, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable riding experience wherever you go.

Please feel free to visit the store where we would be happy to make a recommendation tailored to your bike, and talk you through the racks we have on display.




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