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Commuting by bike in Surrey BC

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Commuting by bike in Surrey BC

Lots of people commute by bike everyday in Surrey, here are our top tips if you are new to travelling the city by bike.

Commuting by bike in the city of Surrey 


Lots of people commute by bike everyday in Surrey, and although it can seem a little intimidating at first, there are lots of safe routes through the city.

Cycling is also a great way to avoid sitting in traffic on the bridges if commuting to Coquitlam, Burnaby or Richmond.


We suggest starting by taking a look at the latest cycling map supplied by the city: 


What bike do I need?


Step one would be a reliable bike: Whether this is new or a used bike, we always recommend choosing a bike that was originally sold in a bike shop, this will ensure your bike was designed with performance, safety and a long service life in mind. 


If you plan to commute on paved surfaces only, then a bike with narrow tires such as a road bike, gravel bike or hybrid bike will offer lower rolling resistance, which means less energy required to complete your journey.


If you plan to use Surrey's network of gravel cycle trails in your journey then you may wish to consider a wider tire with more aggressive tread, which can be fitted to gravel or hybrid bikes. You could also use a cross country mountain bike, which will offer more traction and allow you freedom to explore more rugged terrain.


Safety equipment 


Safety is a top priority when commuting by bike, and its essential to have the right gear.

Helmets are required by law when cycling in BC, so step one should be a well fitting and comfortable helmet. Next up you will want some bright lights to make sure drivers are aware of you and respect your space on the road. 


In addition, bright and reflective clothing can help improve your visibility.


Accessorising you bike


There are a few accessories that most commuters consider essential:

First of all, you will want a water bottle cage so you can carry a water bottle on the bike.


Next, nobody likes cycling with a backpack, so most commuters will install a pannier rack, this allows you to carry a small trunk bag, or larger pannier bags if you need to transport a change of clothes, laptop etc.


Carrying your luggage on a rack gets the weight off your back, this can reduce the strain on you arms, neck and shoulders when cycling. It also means you won't get to work or school with a sweaty back!


Adding fenders to your bike can keep your clothes clean and keep you significantly dryer on wet days. This means you can use your bike for transport regardless of the weather, making them a great investment.


Puncture resistant tires are another upgrade that we highly recommend, we stock lots of options from Schwalbe that are designed to keep flat tires to a minimum ensuring you arrive at work or school on time.




A good lock is a must when leaving your bike unattended. Be wary of any cable lock as these can be cut far more easily than you would expect.


We recommend a u-lock or a folding lock like the Abus Bordo range.

They are much harder to cut than a cable and will reduce the chance of your bike being stolen.

In addition to a U-lock, a cable looped through your wheels will reduce the risk of finding a wheel has been stolen and add an extra layer of deterrent to would-be bike thieves.

You can also check out HUB Cycling ( for more resources and information on cycling in the Metro Vancouver area.


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